Venture capital for space startups

Investing in space to bring benefits to earth

Rymdkapital is a Swedish Venture Capital firm with the vision to propel a sustainable and multi-faceted space ecosystem.

We are passionate to empower ambitious entrepreneurs to develop and adopt space technologies to build viable businesses.

We started our expedition in January 2020 with investments in the US-Swedish rocket launcher venture Pythom Inc and the Swedish investment company Space Cowboys AB.

Announcing our collaboration with...

Have we gone to Mars yet?

We’re superexcited to welcome Marcus Pettersson and Susanna Lewenhaupt with their forward-looking podcast Have we gone to mars yet? 

Driven by curiosity they meet people in the space industry to learn about the technology and challenges to make mankind able to explore and benefit from space. 

So connect your headphones, choose an episode and enjoy some insightful edutainment.

Stay tuned – New episodes on their way shortly!

Our mission

Backing tomorrows winners in space startups and technologies, supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and frontier technologies in the emerging #newspace

Rymdkapital will help attract brilliant people, frontier tech and investors to support the Nordic ecosystem to accelerate the commercialization of the space industry

Rymdkapital is founded on the belief that innovation is a force for good. Technology is a key enabler and entrepreneurs are vital change agents to build a more sustainable world

Innovation will strengthen our ability to compete globally and space provide opportunities to build successful companies, accomplish change and create value

We look for …

  • Spacetech ventures run by curious adventurerers and explorers with bold ideas to harness the vantage point of space to create build successful ventures
  • Frontier technologies, interdisciplinary, cross-border and lateral thinking, providing solutions to problems not yet solved  
  • Companies that have  a positive impact on our ability to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals #SDG17

We believe that …

  • The Nordic region is a leader in many technologies with world-class companies and entrepreneurs
  • Europe is lagging after US, China and India in investments and commercialization of new space opportunities
  • The Nordic and European region should aim higher in the space industry, and expand its eco-system in the ongoing commercialization of space-related technologies
  • Space is the next frontier for long-term exceptional value creation, a perfect fit for the VC-model