Nordic Mapping Project

Mapping of the Nordic Space Ecosystem

The Nordic Space Mapping project aims to collect timely and reliable information on companies, investors and institutions utilizing and acting in the space domain located in the New Nordics*. For too long, those companies were in the shadow of better-known aerospace primes or kept in fragmented national databases. The mapping project initiative strives to create an index of all the actors in the Nordics, open and free to use and access for everyone. Reliable data points provided by the users creates a solid foundation for new collaborations, increased investor interest, and public engagement in the area.

*Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Island, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden

Why you should contribute: ”To find or to be found!”

The mapping project benefits the entire ecosystem, it provides a unique opportunity to find new collaborations, investors, and institutions. It’s totally free to contribute and use the index, we will not monetize on the data collected.